BOTS, Inc. CEO Announces Shareholder Update Letter

Jacksonville, Florida, Dec. 09, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BOTS, Inc. (OTC: BTZI), an emerging innovator of products, technologies, and services for the rapidly growing cyber-security, digital robotics automation and AI for manufacturing industries, CEO discusses and outlines the company’s strategy for 2021.Paul Rosenberg, BOTS INC., CEO begins the announcement by stating: “With the recent changes in our business model over the past couple of months, we want to take this opportunity to thank our investors and shareholders for both your investments and ongoing support of our company. I feel it is important for us to continue making the market aware of our current projects and our strategic agenda for 2021 and well into the future.”The company has been very quiet these past few months as our business integration with First Bitcoin Capital LLC., was unfortunately not as smooth as we had hoped it would be. This resulted in the delay of Bots Inc. posting its financial results. However, we are working on the completion of our 1st and 2nd Quarter financials for the company’s 2021 Fiscal Year. Therefore, the company will be current in its financial reporting shortly.During these last few months, the company has signed an agreement with Cyber Security Group LLC. to create a JV between the two companies. A joint company will be operating under the name; Bots International Inc.A few updates regarding Bots International Inc.; we have completed the construction of a comprehensive security system for the SFOR.TRADE cryptocurrency exchange, which, once transferred to a more powerful server base and updated its technical component, will be able to provide customers with stable and fast operation at the same level as the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. SFOR.TRADE will be launched this coming week.Bots International Inc. has also expanded Web Application Firewall (WAF) services platform with industry-leading capabilities to protect web applications, speed application deployments, and reduce application security costs.Now the Web Application Firewall is more capable of leveraging its security efficacy to protect against advanced layer 7 attacks (such as those based on geolocation, DDoS, SQL injection, zero-day threats, AJAX applications, JSON payloads, OWASP Top Ten, and others) in a convenient, local and cloud-based service.In addition, WAF solutions offer automated, self-learning capabilities in a highly customizable framework to rapidly respond and adapt to evolving threats, with quick WAF implementation and unified, scalable policy enforcement capabilities.Bots International Inc. leading WAF services will be offered in both on-premises and subscription-based cloud offerings. The company’s versatile, easy to deploy WAF solutions let organizations confidently incorporate local and cloud resources while protecting apps and data from increasingly sophisticated security attacks, risks, and vulnerabilities.WAF solution is only one of many products that the company will be offering to its corporate clients. There will be more announcements to come on this in the next few weeks.We have also developed a cryptocurrency trading bot that is simple and intuitive for crypto beginners to setup and run.The 24/7 open hours of the crypto market has necessitated the use of trading automation for investors that are involved in trading cryptocurrencies. CryptoBot will be an additional tool that crypto investors will use when trading on exchange SFOR.TRADEBots Inc. owns the rights to U.S. Patent No. 9,135,787 – (Bitcoin Kiosk / ATM Device and System Integrating Enrollment Protocol and Method of Using the Same). Known as the “Bitcoin ATM patent” this patent is related to the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies utilizing a Bitcoin ATM or kiosk that allows customers to purchase Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies by using cash, debit or credit cards.Bitcoin ATMs do not require their users to have bank accounts, so customers can simply pay and instantly buy or sell Bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies.The United States still houses a significant percentage of all the Bitcoin ATMs installed globally. According to Coinatmradar, cryptocurrency ATMs have been installed in 9,187 locations in the US ( Bitcoin ATMs and Kiosks manufactured and sold in the U.S., and all Bitcoin ATMs and Kiosks operated in the U.S. are believed to be subject to this patent and the company intends to enforce its patent rights.Our business model also includes ownership positions in other publicly traded companies. We have large positions in companies such as: Kronos Advanced Technologies, Inc., and Obitx Inc. These are start-up companies with what we feel to be great potential.“In conclusion, I would like to say, that it has been a difficult year for many companies due to the global pandemic. At the beginning of this year, management decided to completely change our direction, and sector by transitioning into a technology company complete with a new corporate look. We knew this would not be an easy move, but it was the right move for the long-term success of the company. Again, I would like to sincerely thank BOTS shareholders for your ongoing support.”  – Paul Rosenberg, CEOAbout BOTS, Inc.Headquartered in San Juan, Puerto Rico, BOTS, Inc., a publicly traded OTC Markets innovator trading under the symbol (BTZI) – is a diversified company developing and servicing blockchain and robotics solutions for its clientele. The Company is committed to driving the innovations needed to shape the future of digital robotic automation management through digital technology and decentralized blockchain solutions. Management is dedicated to the strong growth of Distributed Asset Technology and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).Shareholders, potential investors, and others should note that we announce material events and material financial information to our shareholders and the public using our website and the social media addresses listed below, as well as in our SEC filings, press releases, public conference calls, and webcasts. We also use social media to communicate with our subscribers and the public about our Company, our services, and other issues. It is possible that the information we post on social media could be deemed to be material information. Therefore, we encourage shareholders, the media, and others interested in our Company to review the information we post on the U.S. social media channels listed below. This list may be updated from time to time.Track BTZI news on Facebook @ BTZI news on Twitter @Bots_bz BTZI news at http://www.bots.bzBots, Inc. has been featured in media nationwide, including CNBC, Bloomberg, StatementsCertain statements contained in this press release may constitute “forward-looking statements.” Forward-looking statements provide current expectations of future events based on certain assumptions and include any statement that does not directly relate to any historical or current fact. Actual results may differ materially from those indicated by such forward-looking statements as a result of various important factors as may be disclosed in the Company’s filings. In addition to these factors, actual future performance, outcomes, and results may differ materially because of more general factors including (without limitation) general industry and market conditions and growth rates, economic conditions, and governmental and public policy changes. The forward-looking statements included in this press release represent the Company’s views as of the date of this press release and these views could change. However, while the Company may elect to update these forward-looking statements at some point in the future, the Company specifically disclaims any obligation to do so. These forward-looking statements should not be relied upon as representing the Company’s views as of any date subsequent to the date of the press release. Such forward-looking statements are risks that are detailed in the Company’s website and filings.Contact:Paul Rosenberg, CEO[email protected]

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