inTEST Thermal Solutions and ApolloXstill® Team Up to Deliver Cannabis Industry’s First Closed-Loop, Turnkey Ethanol Extraction System

Pioneer All-in-one System Makes Cannabis Processing Safer and Significantly More Efficient
Yields High Quality CBD/THC OilMANSFIELD, Mass., March 31, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — inTEST Corporation (NYSE American: INTT), a global supplier of precision-engineered solutions for use in manufacturing and testing across a wide range of markets including automotive, defense/aerospace, energy, industrial, semiconductor and telecommunications, announced today that its thermal subsidiary, inTEST Thermal Solutions, has designed and delivered a Thermonics® cryogenic process chiller for integration into ApolloXstill’s revolutionary, cannabis extraction system. ApolloXstill is the first closed-loop, turnkey, on-demand ethanol extraction system that takes biomass to high quality, winterized crude in a high-speed, all-in-one processing system.Thermonics’ chiller, referred to as ‘Pluto’ once integrated into the ApolloXstill extraction system, is a remarkably powerful cryogenic chiller which instantaneously cools large volumes of ethanol to -80°C to support ApolloXstill’s continuous extraction process. The extraction system is designed and engineered specifically for the industrial scale manufacturing and purification of high-quality full spectrum cannabis (CBD/THC) oil. This cutting-edge all-in-one extraction system makes cannabis processing safer and significantly more efficient while yielding high quality CBD/THC oil.Jim Pelrin, President and CEO of inTEST, commented, “We continue to gain traction in the expanding cannabis industry, and are pleased to design and deliver a high-performance chiller to ApolloXstill to further their capabilities with a novel and innovative cryogenic cooling approach. To meet the high capacity cooling needs of the extraction application, ApolloXstill contacted inTEST Thermal Solutions for our expertise in ultra-low temperature cooling and precision temperature control. inTEST Thermal’s cryogenically cooled chillers use liquid nitrogen to pack a massive amount of cooling capacity into a small footprint that integrates perfectly into the extraction system.” Mr. Pelrin added, “Our Thermonics chiller line is a prime example of leveraging our organic technology and ingenuity to create an entirely new business opportunity. The cannabis industry is in its early stages; according to third party analysts, global spending on legal cannabis is expected to grow at a 30% CAGR.”Jon Cousin, CEO of ApolloXstill, noted, “We believed a closed-loop, turnkey extraction system delivering high quality crude would revolutionize cannabis processing. Integrating a chiller that instantly cools ethanol for on-demand use is a game changing time saver. We can now say, and prove, that the new, innovative ApolloXstill ethanol extraction system is the way to go from every logical standpoint, encompassing speed, size, efficiency, safety, product quality, flexibility, and cost.”About ApolloXstill
ApolloXstill are the creators of a new turn-key closed-loop extraction system for the cannabis industry. A passionate team of scientists, engineers, and former extractors that have come together to revolutionize not only the equipment but the entire process in order to significantly improve efficiency, safety, and product quality. For more information about ApolloXstill, visit or contact [email protected], phone: (949) 244-0281.
About inTEST Corporation
inTEST Corporation is a global supplier of precision-engineered solutions for use in manufacturing and testing across a wide range of markets including automotive, defense/aerospace, energy, industrial, semiconductor and telecommunications. Backed by decades of engineering expertise and a culture of operational excellence, we solve difficult thermal, mechanical and electronic challenges for customers worldwide while generating strong cash flow and profits. Our strategy uses these strengths to grow and increase shareholder value by maximizing our businesses and by identifying, acquiring and optimizing complementary businesses. For more information visit
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