New Age Brands Aggressively Driving Sales of CBD Products

NEW YORK, NY, Feb. 11, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — New Age Brands, Inc.’s (OTC Markets: NWGFF) (CSE: NF) (FSE: 0NF) Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Joshua Bartch, and its Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Benjamin Martch, are aggressively positioning the Denver-based company to increase its distribution and sales in the burgeoning hemp and CBD industry.  With both executives having years of expertise in a number of areas within the cannabis, marketing, and investment arenas, New Age Brands is already beginning to establish itself as a strong competitor with big plans to grow an impressive portfolio of brands.

New Age Brands is an innovative CBD-lifestyle company whose hierarchy has been around the cannabis industry in Colorado since its inception statewide 5 years ago.  The company currently has 2 brands that it continues to develop, market and distribute in the U.S. and internationally—those brands make up its current portfolio of wholly owned subsidiaries:

CEO Joshua Bartch says of the company’s experience in the industry, “With our extensive knowledge of the hemp and cannabis industries we quickly recognized the soon-to-be high demand for a CBD vaporizer pen, thus, ‘Kured’ was born. And now Kured has one of the few terpene-infused, disposable, high-CBD content vape pens on the market internationally.

“After being in the CBD space for about 6 months, we quickly saw the demand for a CBD beverage as well, and through our industry connections, we found Drink Fresh CBD, and knew such an acquisition would greatly benefit New Age Brands and its associates.”

The CBD industry is growing more and more competitive; however, New Age Brands’ CEO expects to gain a competitive edge over other companies in the industry by continuing to be innovative and expanding into markets that provide a sustainable operating environment and allow New Age Brands to maintain its goal of becoming a worldwide “brand.” 

“Kured and Drink Fresh are known throughout the CBD community for being ‘trendsetting’ companies on the cutting edge of the CBD industry. We have seen other vape and water companies mimic our marketing efforts and brand identity, but the true industry leaders always rise to the top.”

To that end, the CEO says that New Age Brands is working with world-renowned doctors to improve already popular products.  

“We are taking steps to formulate new blends complete with probiotics, vitamins and other minerals into our already stellar formulations to gain a niche market. We feel a probiotic and CBD blend will take the household and medical industries by storm and that sales will escalate.”

New Age Brands has clearly identified several products that should help the company gain market share in the industry, and after acquiring the brands that give it a competitive edge, phase two has to be strong marketing and creative distribution.  A recent deal with MassRoots, Inc. (OTCQB: MSRT), a leading technology platform for the cannabis industry with regulated dispensary clients in multiple U.S. markets, is certainly thinking outside-the-box and allows the company to instantly reach over one million of MassRoots’ registered users.

Joshua Bartch says that thinking outside-the-box is where his CMO excels, “Our Chief Marketing Officer, Benjamin Martch, has been marketing cannabis brands and services for over ten years. With his long-term industry connections, he was able to come up with a strategic deal with MassRoots. I couldn’t be more excited about the MassRoots partnership as its followers are true cannabis/CBD enthusiasts and industry influencers.”  

When asked about continuing to grow its brand while focusing on other opportunities in the industry that could lead to future acquisitions for New Age Brands, Bartch was quick to point out that his team is always looking to bring value to its portfolio and help the company continue to grow its brand offerings.

“We are working hard to spread New Age Brands worldwide in 2019 with our current brands while also forward-thinking on current and new brand development.”

The CEO added, “We are always on the lookout for new products to put under the New Age Brands umbrella, with our industry connections and knowledge, I wouldn’t be surprised if New Age Brands has an even more diverse brand portfolio by the end of 2019.”

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