Rover Metals Announces Infill and Delineation of the New Andrew Zone at Cabin Gold, NT, Canada

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Jan. 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Rover Metals Corp. (TSXV: ROVR) (OTCQB: ROVMF) (FRA:4XO) (“Rover” or the “Company”) is pleased to report on the Phase 2 Exploration Program at its 100% owned Cabin Gold Project, NT, Canada. The focus of the Phase 2 Exploration Program was to discover and delineate new gold mineralized zones along the Bugow Iron Formation, the controlling structure for gold at the Cabin Gold Project. The Company is pleased to announce that its exploration program has been able to confirm and expand the historic gold grades at the Andrew South, Andrew Middle, and Andrew North Targets. The expansion includes an increase to the historical average gold grades reported across all of these historic targets. Rover has grouped the north, middle and south bounds of Andrew into a new single Andrew Zone, which extends 800 meters from south to north at surface. The map of the Bugow Iron Formation on the Company’s website has been updated to show the location of the new Andrew Zone. The south end of the Andrew Zone is situated roughly 500 meters northeast of the Beaver Zone. The Beaver Zone was featured in the Company’s December 7, 2021, release. The Company has now reported on the discovery of three medium-to-high grade mineralized gold zones at Cabin: the Arrow, Beaver, and Andrew Zones, all open at depth, and along strike.

Andrew Zone Expansion

Andrew South

The Company is reporting multiple near-surface medium-to-high grade gold at the newly defined Andrew Zone which extends 800 meters from south to north along the Bugow Iron Formation. Highlights of Phase 2 drilling at Andrew South include: new drill hole CL-21-21 which reported 2.9m of 5.09 g/t Au (from 70.65m to 76.8m), including 2.2m of 6.42 g/t Au and deeper in hole CL-21-21, reporting 4.7m of 3.38 g/t Au (from 88.80m to 94.00m). As of the date of this release, the Company has sent in additional samples for assaying from hole CL-21-21, as the gold mineralization is recognized to extend past the sulfide intervals of the drill core, which is a first for the project. The new assays, once received, will be part of a future updating release, and could extend the reported high-grade gold intervals at the southern part of Andrew. Additional highlights at Andrew include: new hole CL-21-24 which reported 3.9m of 2.91 g/t Au (from 51.00m to 55.12m); new hole CL-21-19 which reported 3.1m of 2.57 g/t Au (from 62.2m to 65.3m) and deeper in hole CL-21-19 reporting 1m of 2.06 g/t Au (from 93.3m to 94.3m); new hole CL-21-20 which reported 0.4m of 6.11 g/t Au (from 90.8m to 91.2m); and new hole CL-21-25 which reported 2.3m of 2.61 g/t Au (from 68.0m to 70.5m). As noted below, in the drill result tables, there are multiple well mineralized drill intercepts at the south part of the Andrew Zone that are reported in additional new holes (see CL-21-22, CL-21-22, CL-21-23 in the tables below). As of the date of this release, the Company has also sent additional samples from hole CL-21-25 to the lab for assaying.

Andrew North
Highlights from drilling at the northern part of the Andrew Zone include new hole CL-21-27 which reported 4.3m of 4.14 g/t Au (from 17.8m to 22.8m); new hole CL-21-29 which reported 3.0m of 3.2 g/t Au (from 37.6m to 40.8m) and multiple additional medium-to-high grade gold intercepts at deeper depth from this same hole, as reported in the drill result tables below. As of the date of this release, the Company has sent additional samples to the lab from hole CL-21-29. Additional highlights include new hole CL-21-28 which reported 3.2m of 1.19 g/t Au (from 38.8m to 42.8m).

The results, both confirm and expand upon, 1980s historical drilling at Andrew, and have returned higher grades than historical results. The historical drill holes and new holes from Andrew South and Andrew North can be referenced in the drill plan views below. A table of significant Andrew Zone drill assay results, greater than 0.5 g/t Au, listed by hole and interval, can be found near the end of this release. For purposes of the calculations of the highlighted intervals in this release, Rover considers results above 0.50 g/t Au to be of significance.

Drill Plan View – Andrew Zone (South)

CL-21-19/20 Cross Sections
CL-21-21/22 Cross Sections
CL-21-23/24/25 Cross Sections

Drill Plan View – Andrew Zone (North)

CL-21-26 Cross Section
CL-21-27/28 Cross Sections
CL-21-29 Cross Section

The Company’s working hypothesis is that the near surface Andrew Zone extends 800 meters, from south to north. There was significant drilling along the middle of the Andrew Zone in the 1940s. Unfortunately, none of the historical drill records have survived. The Company tested its hypothesis during its Phase 2 Exploration Program, by drilling two drill holes in the centre of the Andrew Zone. As of the date of this release, the Company has sent additional samples from both hole CL-21-30 and CL-21-31 to the lab for assaying as the gold mineralization is recognized to extend past the sulphide intervals in the drill core. The results from Andrew middle will form part of an updating release.

Judson Culter, CEO at Rover Metals, states “We are very pleased to have made the discovery of a third significant zone at the Cabin Gold project. In total, there is over 1,000 meters of surface strike length, that is open along strike (Beaver) and at depth (Arrow, Beaver and Andrew), across all defined zones on the project (Arrow, Beaver and Andrew). We expect the 2022 Phase 3 Exploration Program at the Cabin Gold project to focus on the highest grade gold areas of these zones.”

Tables of Significant Drill Results

Hole Easting Northing Elev Total Depth Dip Azimuth Zone
CL-21-19 559,189.00 7,006,213.00 181.7 100 -45 230 Andrew South
CL-21-20 559,189.00 7,006,213.00 181.7 152 -60 230 Andrew South
CL-21-21 559,189.00 7,006,213.00 181.7 130 -45 190 Andrew South
CL-21-22 559,170.00 7,006,165.00 181.7 104 -45 190 Andrew South
CL-21-23 559,170.00 7,006,165.00 181.7 53 -45 230 Andrew South
CL-21-24 559,170.00 7,006,165.00 181.7 59 -65 230 Andrew South
CL-21-25 559,202.00 7,006,198.00 181.5 101 -45 220 Andrew South
CL-21-26 558,606.00 7,006,655.00 188.8 47 -45 85 Andrew North
CL-21-29 558,606.00 7,006,655.00 188.8 50 -50 10 Andrew North
CL-21-27 558,606.00 7,006,655.00 188.8 34 -45 55 Andrew North
CL-21-28 558,606.00 7,006,655.00 188.8 47 -60 55 Andrew North
CL-21-30 558,999.00 7,006,228.00 185.5 47 -45 220 Andrew Middle
CL-21-31 558,999.00 7,006,228.00 185.5 26 -45 260 Andrew Middle
Hole Sample ID From To Interval Au g/t Zone
CL-21-19 V748041 62.20 62.76 0.56 6.24 Andrew South
CL-21-19 V748042 62.76 63.00 0.24 1.1 Andrew South
CL-21-19 V748043 63.00 63.29 0.29 0.88 Andrew South
CL-21-19 V748044 63.29 63.59 0.3 1.96 Andrew South
CL-21-19 V748045 63.59 64.00 0.41 4.19 Andrew South
CL-21-19 V748046 64.00 64.35 0.35 2.73 Andrew South
CL-21-19 V748047 64.35 64.68 0.33 0.37 Andrew South
CL-21-19 V748048 64.68 64.98 0.3 0.94 Andrew South
CL-21-19 V748049 64.98 65.32 0.34 1.02 Andrew South
CL-21-19 V748058 93.32 93.64 0.32 0.71 Andrew South
CL-21-19 V748059 93.64 94.00 0.36 3.67 Andrew South
CL-21-19 V748060 94.00 94.3 0.30 1.56 Andrew South
Hole Sample ID From To Interval Au g/t Zone
CL-21-20 V748067 90.86 91.26 0.4 6.11 Andrew South
Hole Sample ID From To Interval Au g/t Zone
CL-21-21 V748071 70.65 70.98 0.33 0.76 Andrew South
CL-21-21 V748072 70.98 71.3 0.32 0.35 Andrew South
CL-21-21 V748073 71.3 71.61 0.31 6.98 Andrew South
CL-21-21 V748074 71.61 72.03 0.42 3.89 Andrew South
CL-21-21 V748075 75.31 75.61 0.30 17.6 Andrew South
CL-21-21 V748076 75.61 76.00 0.39 10.4 Andrew South
CL-21-21 V748077 76.00 76.42 0.42 2.23 Andrew South
CL-21-21 V748078 76.42 76.8 0.38 0.48 Andrew South
CL-21-21 V748087 92.23 92.93 0.70 2.78 Andrew South
CL-21-21 V748088 92.93 93.33 0.40 1.77 Andrew South
CL-21-21 V748089 93.33 94.00 0.67 2.67 Andrew South
Hole Sample ID From To Interval Au g/t Zone
CL-21-22 V748090 42.4 42.88 0.48 0.84 Andrew South
CL-21-22 V748091 42.88 43.18 0.3 0.39 Andrew South
CL-21-22 V748092 43.18 43.61 0.43 1.16 Andrew South
CL-21-22 V748093 43.61 44.10 0.49 1.43 Andrew South
CL-21-22 V748094 44.10 44.40 0.30 0.95 Andrew South
CL-21-22 V748095 44.40 44.67 0.27 1.8 Andrew South
CL-21-22 V748096 44.67 45.01 0.34 0.57 Andrew South
CL-21-22 V748097 45.01 45.36 0.35 1.94 Andrew South
CL-21-22 V748098 45.36 45.71 0.35 0.43 Andrew South
Hole Sample ID From To Interval Au g/t Zone
CL-21-23 V748117 41.98 42.44 0.46 0.89 Andrew South
CL-21-23 V748118 42.44 42.75 0.31 0.52 Andrew South
CL-21-23 V748119 42.75 43.15 0.40 0.80 Andrew South
CL-21-23 V748120 43.15 43.90 0.75 1.05 Andrew South
CL-21-23 V748121 43.90 44.30 0.40 1.88 Andrew South
CL-21-23 V748123 44.30 44.62 0.32 0.52 Andrew South
Hole Sample ID From To Interval Au g/t Zone
CL-21-24 V748102 51.00 51.50 0.50 2.77 Andrew South
CL-21-24 V748103 51.50 52.01 0.51 0.15 Andrew South
CL-21-24 V748104 52.01 52.76 0.75 1.57 Andrew South
CL-21-24 V748105 52.76 53.10 0.34 3.63 Andrew South
CL-21-24 V748106 53.10 53.41 0.31 5.16 Andrew South
CL-21-24 V748107 53.41 53.80 0.39 1.79 Andrew South
CL-21-24 V748108 53.80 54.20 0.40 3.57 Andrew South
CL-21-24 V748109 54.45 54.77 0.32 6.11 Andrew South
CL-21-24 V748110 54.77 55.12 0.35 4.93 Andrew South
Hole Sample ID From To Interval Au g/t Zone
CL-21-25 V748125 53.00 53.45 0.45 1.64 Andrew South
CL-21-25 V748126 63.95 64.25 0.30 0.73 Andrew South
CL-21-25 V748127 65.42 65.88 0.46 1.72 Andrew South
CL-21-25 V748128 65.88 66.18 0.30 0.22 Andrew South
CL-21-25 V748129 66.18 66.58 0.40 2.16 Andrew South
CL-21-25 V748130 67.09 67.39 0.30 4.01 Andrew South
CL-21-25 V748131 67.39 67.76 0.37 0.41 Andrew South
CL-21-25 V748132 68 68.35 0.35 0.50 Andrew South
CL-21-25 V748133 68.35 68.68 0.33 0.64 Andrew South
CL-21-25 V748134 68.68 68.98 0.30 1.59 Andrew South
CL-21-25 V748135 68.98 69.68 0.70 4.27 Andrew South
CL-21-25 V748136 69.82 70.12 0.30 1.07 Andrew South
CL-21-25 V748137 70.12 70.46 0.34 5.55 Andrew South
Hole Sample ID From To Interval Au g/t Zone
CL-21-26 V748185 28.0 28.8 0.80 1.85 Andrew North
CL-21-26 V748186 28.8 29.47 0.67 0.52 Andrew North
Hole Sample ID From To Interval Au g/t Zone
CL-21-27 V748139 17.83 18.20 0.37 0.57 Andrew North
CL-21-27 V748140 18.2 18.52 0.32 6.32 Andrew North
CL-21-27 V748141 18.52 18.83 0.31 2.44 Andrew North
CL-21-27 V748142 18.83 19.11 0.28 9.2 Andrew North
CL-21-27 V748143 19.11 19.47 0.36 4.1 Andrew North
CL-21-27 V748144 19.47 19.79 0.32 1.64 Andrew North
CL-21-27 V748145 20.00 20.33 0.33 1.06 Andrew North
CL-21-27 V748146 20.33 20.75 0.42 14.65 Andrew North
CL-21-27 V748147 20.75 21.03 0.28 1.81 Andrew North
CL-21-27 V748148 21.25 21.61 0.36 0.78 Andrew North
CL-21-27 V748149 21.92 22.40 0.48 3.48 Andrew North
CL-21-27 V748150 22.40 22.84 0.44 2.64 Andrew North
Hole Sample ID From To Interval Au g/t Zone
CL-21-28 V748176 38.81 39.25 0.44 0.93 Andrew North
CL-21-28 V748177 39.25 39.82 0.57 0.27 Andrew North
CL-21-28 V748178 40.60 41.00 0.40 2.97 Andrew North
CL-21-28 V748179 41.00 41.59 0.59 1.05 Andrew North
CL-21-28 V748180 41.59 41.97 0.38 0.31 Andrew North
CL-21-28 V748181 41.97 42.36 0.39 2.63 Andrew North
CL-21-28 V748182 42.36 42.79 0.43 0.71 Andrew North
Hole Sample ID From To Interval Au g/t Zone
CL-21-29 V748153 37.60 38.00 0.40 2.72 Andrew North
CL-21-29 V748154 38.00 38.40 0.40 4.75 Andrew North
CL-21-29 V748155 38.4 38.70 0.30 1.18 Andrew North
CL-21-29 V748156 38.70 39.10 0.40 4.83 Andrew North
CL-21-29 V748158 39.37 39.71 0.34 1.31 Andrew North
CL-21-29 V748159 39.71 40.09 0.38 5.61 Andrew North
CL-21-29 V748160 40.09 40.39 0.30 4.43 Andrew North
CL-21-29 V748161 40.39 40.82 0.43 0.60 Andrew North
CL-21-29 V748162 41.70 42.01 0.31 1.48 Andrew North
CL-21-29 V748165 42.97 43.37 0.40 0.92 Andrew North

Technical information in this news release has been approved by David White, P.Geo., Technical Advisor of Rover and a Qualified Person for the purposes of National Instrument 43-101.

Stock Option Grant to Advisor
The Company has made a stock option grant of 350,000 stock options to Robert Schafer, an advisor to the Company. The stock options have an exercise price of $0.06, vest monthly over 12 months, and have a four-year useful life. Mr. Schafer has nearly 40 years of experience in the mineral industry, working in the international sector with both major and junior mining companies. He is founder and Managing Director of Eagle Mines Management, a globally active private natural resources corporation. He has held executive and senior management positions with Hunter Dickinson Inc., Kinross Gold Corp., and BHP Minerals over the past 20 years. Throughout his career Mr. Schafer has worked internationally, with notable experience in the far east of Russia, Southern Africa, South America and Australia.

About Rover Metals
Rover is a precious metals exploration company specialized in North American precious metal resources, that is currently advancing the gold potential of its existing projects in the Northwest Territories of Canada (60th parallel). The Company commenced Phase 2 Exploration at its 100% owned Cabin Gold Project in the summer of 2021, and the analysis and reporting of the Phase 2 Exploration work at Cabin Gold continues through to the date of this release.

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