Simmons Foods Serves Up More Strategic Workforce Decisions with ADP’s DataCloud and Recruiting Solutions

ROSELAND, NJ–(Marketwired – Mar 16, 2017) – Simmons Foods recently set out on a journey to automate its manual HR processes to ensure it had a “single source of truth” for all employee information. The goal? To have reliable Big Data and analytics to better inform its workforce decisions.

To do this, Simmons Foods turned to ADP® and is now an avid user of simplified reporting and analytics powered by ADP® DataCloud. ADP’s simplified reporting feature delivers enterprise insights that reveal critical people trends and business opportunities. Integrated within the ADP Vantage HCM® solution, it gives HR and business leaders information that can increase confidence in the decisions they make, because those decisions are based on facts.

“Prior to ADP, we were struggling to get quick, reliable data,” said Courtney Paynter, senior director of Human Resources Information Systems and Analytics at Simmons Foods. “If we needed to find out which employees were working at a specific facility, or pull information for regular food-safety audits, it always turned into a time-consuming, laborious process. Now, we can pull reports that used to take days in minutes, and know that the information is accurate.”

“The simplified reporting tool has made the analysis of human resources data easier than ever. Providing easy access to the real-time data saves not only our HR teams but also our operational and payroll teams a lot of time, freeing them up to be more strategic partners,” added Paynter. “Using analytics, we’ve been able to quickly validate whether training programs are achieving their goal — developing leaders and reducing turnover. By gaining deeper insights into the outcomes, we’re able to improve programs that weren’t 100 percent successful and ensure we’re investing our money wisely. That’s been a huge win for us.”

Analytics also revealed Simmons Foods’ above-average mobile adoption rate. Paynter was surprised to learn that the company’s employees were extremely mobile savvy, with about 92 percent of them having adopted ADP’s mobile app.

Paynter is also looking forward to using predictive analytics, powered by ADP DataCloud, including the turnover probability solution.

“High turnover is really inherent in the poultry industry,” said Paynter. “It will be invaluable to better understand all of the different factors that are driving turnover so that we can get ahead of them. We want to ensure we’re doing everything we can to make Simmons a comfortable, family environment where employees really want to stay.”

Dave Imbrogno, president of ADP’s National Account Services group, said he’s delighted that Simmons Foods is relying on ADP’s reporting and analytics to make more strategic workforce decisions. 

“We’re so excited that Simmons Foods has embraced simplified reporting and analytics, helping the HR team put actionable data into the hands of the company’s business leaders,” said Imbrogno. “Our goal is to help business leaders and HR professionals achieve their business and workforce management goals by providing them with data that can reveal workforce trends and provide deeper insights. Together, these help our clients make better human capital management decisions.”

In addition to using the ADP DataCloud, Simmons Foods recently implemented ADP’s recruiting solution with the goal of improving its hiring speed and candidate satisfaction, while reducing HR’s administrative burden. 

“Our HR team used to process paper applications, so candidates would often have to drive over an hour to some of our larger facilities to apply in person,” said Paynter. “Giving people the ability to apply from anywhere is a huge win for our applicants and for us.”

For Paynter, it all comes back to having the necessary data at her fingertips and driving efficiency. The recruiting solution enables the Simmons team to keep up with the number of requisitions open for certain shifts, people who have applied, applications that were started but not completed, and who’s leaving and why in real time.

“Human Resources has historically provided the executive team with a monthly snapshot of where we were in the hiring cycle,” added Paynter. “To do this, it would require several different business units to pull together paper forms and records. Now, we are enabling a future where our business leaders can easily review that data on a daily basis. This simply wasn’t possible before.”

Paynter added that armed with reliable, real-time data, her team no longer has to rely on inaccurate reports and “gut feel” to make decisions.

“We now have quantitative and qualitative data to both prove our HR programs are working and improve on them in real time,” she concluded. “That’s a win for HR, and it’s a win for the business leaders we support.”

Courtney Paynter will be sharing her thoughts on using data to deliver actionable insights on Monday, March 20, at ADP Meeting of the Minds 2017. Learn more here.

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About Simmons Foods
Simmons Foods is a leading supplier of poultry, pet food and feed ingredient products based in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. Simmons works with farmers, communities, and employees to apply its 60+ years of experience to serving customers. Simmons ranks in the top 20 poultry producers in the United States, is the largest supplier of store brand wet pet food in North America, and boasts an innovative line of proprietary feed ingredient products. With 5,800 employees, Simmons serves customers in all 50 states and more than 40 countries around the world.

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