Steelcase Combats COVID-19 Global Pandemic; Commits to Supply Critical Medical PPE Equipment Needs

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., March 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Steelcase today announced it has already started and continues to manufacture and deploy critical equipment supplies for healthcare providers on the frontlines of the battle against the COVID-19 global pandemic. Among the supplies Steelcase is producing are masks for use in clinical environments; facial shields for clinicians in direct contact with patients; and social screens, desktop and floor mounted, for screening and communicating with visitors at safe social distances.
Steelcase Ramping Up Operations for COVID Fight

Steelcase is using its plants, model shop and innovation center to rapidly develop solutions that will be built to scale and distributed to medical facilities. The company is working in partnership with healthcare professionals to approve designs for prompt turnarounds. Steelcase is set to produce 6,000 isolation masks and 12,500 face shields per week, just in its Grand Rapids, Mich. facilities. The company is working hard to expand production to other geographies including Alabama, Mexico, Germany and through key partners.
As Steelcase works diligently to provide life-saving equipment for its fellow community members, it continues to ensure employees who continue working to develop this essential equipment are protected by enforcing social distancing, using personal protection equipment and thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing facilities.

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