SurveyMonkey Introduces Expert Solutions to Test Product and Marketing Concepts

SAN MATEO, Calif., March 31, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — SurveyMonkey (Nasdaq: SVMK) today introduced Expert Solutions, a suite of fast and efficient market research solutions for customers to test product and marketing concepts with a global audience. Expert Solutions combine SurveyMonkey Audience, the company’s DIY market research panel, with industry-proven survey methodology and AI-Powered Insights that marketers, insights professionals and agencies can use to obtain instant market feedback on products, packaging, ads, marketing messages, and more. 
“For years, researchers have been forced to choose between either hiring an expensive agency that takes months to deliver insights or simple DIY methods that tax internal resources,” said Tom Hale, president of SurveyMonkey. “Today, we’re introducing the best of both worlds with Expert Solutions, which have built-in methodologies and AI-Powered Insights, taking the heavy lifting out of market research. Expert Solutions will give customers the confidence to launch their new ideas into the market with speed.”The increasing competition in global markets encourages insights professionals and marketers to test ideas with consumers ahead of launch, but time and expertise are significant barriers for many. Expert Solutions productize agency-caliber expertise and bring the ease of a DIY research tool for customers at any experience level. The solutions combine the best in SurveyMonkey research capabilities, including built-in methodology for research design, AI-Powered Insights for robust data analysis, and a global panel of respondents through SurveyMonkey Audience for rapid insights.These seven new Expert Solutions will allow customers to collect feedback from their target demographic on a wide range of business ideas, including:Ad Creative analysis: measures the effectiveness of ad campaignsProduct Concept analysis: validates product concepts and ideas before market launchVideo Creative analysis: measures the impact of video creativePackaging Design analysis: ensures new package designs are optimized for the shelfLogo Design analysis: measures the visual appeal of new logo designsBrand Name analysis: tests brand and product names before market launchMessaging & Claims Analysis: tests messaging statements and taglinesSurvey results are analyzed through AI-Powered Insights, which use machine learning to identify common patterns from the respondent data. These results further highlight how the concept performed across the demographic groups and attributes customers selected for their study. AI-Powered Insights eliminates time-consuming manual processes and delivers insights, fast.Visit SurveyMonkey Expert Solutions to get started today.About SurveyMonkey Market Research Solutions
SurveyMonkey Market Research Solutions make it easy to collect quality data from a target audience, fast. The on-demand market research offerings include flexible surveys that allow customers to design their own market research, the integrated SurveyMonkey Audience panel that provides instant access to 80M+ respondents worldwide, and research services like survey translations, programming, and reporting. Companies like IBM, Allbirds, and Spectrum Equity use SurveyMonkey Market Research Solutions for a variety of market research use cases, including market sizing, brand tracking, ad testing, customer profiling, product development, content marketing, financial services, and more.
About SurveyMonkey
SurveyMonkey is a leading global survey software company on a mission to power the curious. The company’s platform empowers over 17 million active users to measure and understand feedback from employees, customers, website and app users, and the market. SurveyMonkey’s products, enterprise solutions and integrations enable more than 335,000 organizations to solve daily challenges, from delivering better customer experiences to increasing employee retention. With SurveyMonkey, organizations around the world can transform feedback into business intelligence that drives growth and innovation.
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