TDb Split Corp. Regular Monthly Dividend Declaration for Preferred Share

TORONTO, March 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — TDb Split Corp. (“TDb Split”) declares its regular monthly distribution of $0.04375 for each Preferred share ($0.525 annually). Distributions are payable April 9, 2020 to shareholders on record as at March 31, 2020.Since the latter part of February 2020, financial markets have been extremely volatile in response to the developing COVID-19 pandemic and equity markets in particular have experienced significant declines. The investment portfolio of the Company has been subject to these market fluctuations and the net assets of the Company have been materially negatively impacted. The net asset value per unit of the Company as at March 13, 2020 was $11.64. No regular monthly distributions will be paid on the Class A Shares in any month as long as the net asset value per unit is equal to or less than $12.50. The Company’s investment portfolio may continue to experience significant volatility as the situation evolves.Since inception, Class A shareholders have received a total of $6.40 per share and Preferred shareholders have received a total of $6.64 per share inclusive of this distribution, for a combined total of $13.04.TDb Split invests in common shares of Toronto-Dominion Bank, a leading Canadian Financial institution.Investor Relations: 1-877-478-2372
Local: 416-304-4443
[email protected]

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