Trupanion Travels Across the Ocean and Back

SEATTLE, Feb. 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Trupanion Australia is the first major overseas move for Trupanion outside of North America. With its one simple plan, with no payout limits or complex sub limits for eligible conditions, Trupanion has quickly become one of the top ranking pet insurance companies of pet insurance brands in Australia.One benefit to existing Trupanion members is the ability to maintain their policy with the same coverage as they move between Australia and North America. Trupanion member and Australian native, Loren Taylor, has experienced first-hand the ease of transferring her coverage between countries.Loren moved from Australia to Canada eight years ago, got married, and, she welcomed two new cats into her home. As a responsible pet owner, Loren insured her cats, Auri and Beans, through Trupanion.“For us, Trupanion meant that we could continue to pursue diagnosis and treatment for our pets in a way we could never have done without it,” Loren said. “We got to make decisions based on medical information and recommendations from the veterinarian, not because we couldn’t afford to treat them.”As the only pet insurance company that can transfer policies between countries if members relocate between Australia and North America, Trupanion offers its members another major benefit when it comes to pre-existing conditions.Wanting to get back to her roots, Loren moved back to Australia and was excited to find out that her Trupanion policy for Beans and Auri transferred between countries. If Loren had to switch pet insurance providers because of the move, current treatment for her cats covered under her Trupanion policy would likely be considered pre-existing by a new pet insurer, and therefore not covered.“Pets with existing Trupanion pet insurance and also existing conditions they are claiming for in North America will be honoured and covered here too, and vice versa,” said Dr. Stephen Rose, general manager of Trupanion Australia. “We are one big extended family, here to allow the treatment and care that pets’ deserve.”With coverage extending right through quarantine, Trupanion has transferred nearly a dozen policies for members’ pets since its recent launch in Australia.Loren is grateful for the uninterrupted coverage Trupanion provides between countries. “I don’t think we could have been able to get insured somewhere else given the history of our pets’ conditions,” Loren said. “Trupanion has paid tens of thousands in claims for our pets. We could never have afforded that type of treatment and care without that coverage.”About TrupanionTrupanion is a leader in pet insurance for cats and dogs throughout the United States, Canada and Australia. For almost two decades, Trupanion has given pet owners peace of mind so they can focus on their pet’s recovery, not financial stress. Trupanion is committed to providing pet owners with the highest value in pet insurance with unlimited payouts for eligible conditions for the life of their pets. Now, on a mission to bring better coverage and care to Australian pets, we brought Trupanion to Australia.Trupanion Australia is an Australian business that has local expertise in the Australian Veterinary industry and is backed and underwritten by The Hollard Insurance Company. For more information, visit Insurance is general insurance issued by the insurer The Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd ABN 78 090 584 473 AFSL No. 241436 (Hollard) and distributed, promoted and administered by Trupanion Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 33626393628, AR 1268213) as an authorised representative of Hollard. Any advice provided is general only and does not consider your objectives, financial situation or needs. Please consider the Product Disclosure Statement available from to decide if the product is right for you.Contact:
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