Viper Networks to Expand Manufacturing for 5G Upgrade and New Solar Product Production

TROY, Mich., Feb. 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Viper Networks, Inc. (OTC Pink: VPER), (Company), an international leader in the LED lighting products and integrated systems markets for Smart City projects, is pleased to announce that the Company is upgrading their Apollo Smart Lights products with 5G technology while maintaining 4G capabilities.
Viper Networks is currently seeking to expand their manufacturing capabilities for both the Apollo Smart Light products and the emerging line of new Solar Products in the Greater Detroit area, which will remain in proximity to the company’s headquarters in the northern suburb of Troy, MichiganIn addition to the Company’s expectation for increased demand globally for their state-of-art Apollo Smart Lights with LED Street Lighting that incorporates a variety of technologies into a single design, Viper Networks is also ramping up manufacturing capabilities for their fully developed telecommunication street light poles.Viper Networks’ Apollo Smart Lights provide municipalities with the ability to control and adjust street lighting while enabling them to monitor the streets, enhance security and manage traffic; all while significantly cutting costs, and reducing the environmental footprint while creating new revenue sources for both the private and public sectors.With a full selection of intelligent LED lighting solutions, the Company’s products can be easily deployed into metropolitan areas, parking lots and warehousing facilities worldwide.In other corporate news, the Company’s accounting firm is submitting Viper Networks’ 2019 and 2020 fiscal calendar years (ending 12/31) unaudited financials shortly, to gain full compliance with OTC Market’s current status listing requirements.Viper Networks CEO, Mr. Farid Shouekani, commented: “The Company has evolved quite a bit this past year and shareholders can expect consistent communication to bring everyone up to speed going forward.”For more information go to or follow @vipernetworks

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