Zai Lab Launches Hong Kong Secondary Listing

SHANGHAI and SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Zai Lab Limited (“Zai Lab” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ:ZLAB), an innovative commercial stage biopharmaceutical company, today announced the launch of its Hong Kong public offering (the “Hong Kong Public Offering”), which forms part of the global offering (the “Offering”) of 10,564,050 new ordinary shares (the “Offer Shares” or “Shares”) and listing of its ordinary shares on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (the “Hong Kong Stock Exchange”) under the stock code “9688”.The Company’s American depositary shares (“ADSs”), each representing one (1) ordinary share of the Company, will continue to be listed and traded on the Nasdaq Global Market (“Nasdaq”). Investors in the Offering will only be able to purchase ordinary shares and will not be able to take delivery of ADSs. Upon listing in Hong Kong, the ordinary shares listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange will be fully fungible with the ordinary shares represented by the ADSs listed on Nasdaq.The Offering initially comprises 771,700 new Shares under the Hong Kong Public Offering and 9,792,350 new Shares for the international offering (the “International Offering”), representing approximately 7.3% and 92.7% of the total number of Shares in the Offering, respectively, subject to re-allocation and over-allotment. Subject to the level of any oversubscription in the Hong Kong Public Offering and pursuant to the clawback mechanism as described in the prospectus issued in Hong Kong, the total number of shares available under the Hong Kong Public Offering could be adjusted to up to a maximum of 3,591,800 new Shares, representing approximately 34% of the Offer Shares initially available under the Offering. In addition, the Company expects to grant the international underwriters an over-allotment option to purchase up to an additional 1,584,600 new Shares in the International Offering, representing not more than 15.0% of the Offer Shares initially available under the Offering.The offer price for the Hong Kong Public Offering (the “Hong Kong Offer Price”) will be not more than HK$648.00 per share (the “Maximum Offer Price”). The offer price for the International Offering tranche of the Offering (the “International Offer Price”) may be set at a level higher than the Hong Kong Offer Price. The Company is expected to set the International Offer Price by September 22, 2020 Hong Kong time by making reference to, among other factors, the closing price of the ADSs on Nasdaq on the last trading day on or before September 21, 2020 and investor demand during the marketing process. The final Hong Kong Offer Price will be set at the lower of the final International Offer Price and the Maximum Offer Price of HK$648.00 per share. Shares will be traded in board lots of 50 shares.The Company plans to use the net proceeds from the Offering for its core products, through strengthening R&D efforts and enhancing its commercialization capabilities, advancing its ongoing and planned clinical trials and preparation for registration filings of other drug candidates in its pipeline, exploring new global licensing and collaboration opportunities, funding working capital and other general corporate purposes.Fully Electronic Application Process for the Hong Kong Public Offering
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